To be the leader of customer and employee satisfaction in the building maintenance solutions.



We are an employee driven company that seeks customer satisfaction at all times through our Communication, Dependability and Consistency principles. This set of principles brings with each employee an organizational identity that will make a positive difference when generating quality results.



To build the most efficient management structure capable of delivering exceptional employee and customer experience.



We have developed many channels to enhance communication within the company. It affects productivity at all employee ranks and improves customer experience. In the building maintenance industry, we have found that communication is key in order to plan and perform an efficient job. Different levels of management, LogBook and eHub are examples of ways through which communication can happen.


Dependability plays a huge part in our routine. Firstly, we cultivate a culture of dependability between our employees. Our performance method demands trust and teamwork to deliver the results we expect. Every specialist has to see himself dependable and depend on his coworkers, such as a synchronized team. By achieving this culture, we find ourselves ready for presenting Imperial as a trustworthy company to our customers.


Our goal is to build a long-lasting partnership with our customers. We always play for the long haul. Applying consistency in all our actions gives us the tranquility of knowing that we will continuously get better. Everyday we will learn a little bit more about your community, so that the time will be our ally and our relationship will grow stronger as time goes by.

Our Principles lead the way. They are just the cover of a huge structure of systems and processes that we have developed with hard-work, research and partnership.